Unseen Facts of great wall of China Part 3

When the researcher started work on the further extended hidden portion of the wall. they got amazed. They visited the wall up to 250 km away from the fort. They had found that this wall was made much before the Ming dynasty. The research team found many arrowheads made of stone.

To investigate the age of these arrowheads, it was necessary to do the test of carbon dating.

when a carbon dating test was performed on these stones, they got amazed. they found that these arrowheads were more than 2000 years old. It means that they were 1500 years old than the Ming dynasty. but the equation arises in mind, that at that time, there was no Ming dynasty era. Mongols were also not present at that time. then why this old wall was constructed. Some old destructed structures were found along this wall.

What was the purpose of these, no one can understand this one? But after some time, a piece of evidence was found. this helps a lot to the research team. they found some wooden pieces there, they found that there is the Chinese language written on these pieces. These wooden pieces were old for more than 2000 years.

They were preserved in a better way. The language written on them can be easily read.on reading this language, they found that any military commander has these wooden pieces on which some instructions were mentioned. he asked his army that they should use flags on their towers in case of attack at day’s time. if an attack takes place at night, start burning fire on their towers.

It was found that It was the era of the Hunnic empire.

Huns have a very dangerous group of warriors as compare to Mongols. On these wooden pieces, the method of knowing about warrior strength was also mentioned. A specific signal was used to do this job. The research team found much more pieces of evidence.

It was found that these strange structures were the watchtowers used at that time. these watchtowers were connected with each other at that time. Some hidden evidence was found along the great wall of china. this wall was made not only for the defense system but later on, it was found that it was made to protect the silk route.

The silk route was used in the old era for trade purposes.

This route linked eastern and western countries with china. This route was used for the trade of silk. therefore it is termed the Silky route. It was an important route for china. because china’s economy at that time depends on this route.

Therefore china planed to protect this route at any caste. Some experts say that this old wall has a length of 12000 km. It is much greater than the great wall of china. It means that the length of these walls is more than 21000 km. If this wall stretched, they can spread more the half of this world.

According to some experts, 40% of the great wall of china broke down. Almost 400,000 died in the construction of the Ming dynasty wall. It was assumed that this wall was constructed forcefully by labor. Some experts say that many laborers who got died during construction were buried in the wall.

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