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The most advanced intelligent personal robots part-2

The Robot on number 5th is Asus Zenbo. This robot is very amazing and it is used as a personal assistant in the home. It monitors the home from every angle. It notifies you when it detects any emergency or unusual. It tells you about the person whenever anyone is ill in the house. It is a movable robot. It also responds to your voice command. The touch has been installed on its face. With help of Asus Zenbo, we can do shopping, video call, etc. It makes the user’s life easy and enjoyable. It can play games with the children.

It can tell the stories to children.

This does song singing and dance. It will prove itself the best friend of your children. Moreover, Asus Zenbo can work as a security guard. It also welcomes the guests coming to your home. This robot is also your family photographer. It can make your family pictures. Asus Zenbo is really amazing robot of the modern world.

The next robot is Leo Rover and it is also termed a discovery robot.  It is a mobile robot. you can also term it a land drone. It got connected with an android phone through an application. It can reach the place where you are not able to reach. It gives you help in discovering new things. Almunuim, stainless steel is used to design its body and frame. It can survive in any weather condition.

This robot can work very efficiently underwater. Its battery is 5000 maH. It can move continuously for four hours. you can see the live video of hidden places through its video application. This robot work at night through its night vision sensor. Its battery is made up of lithium iron. The Leo Rover is rechargeable and it can carry weight up to 5kg. This robot is really incredible.

The next robot under discussion is Aeolus Raas.

It is a type of robot which does all the related work of your home. This robot is the product of deep learning technology.  Through this technology, it learns your routine activity. It does all of your tasks.

The Aeolus Raas can remember many things. For example, if you do not remember, where you have kept your glasses, it knows where you usually kept your glasses, it will search all the places one by one. it will carry that glasses to you. It is such an intelligent robot that it can take your vacuum clear and can clean your home within a few minutes. It has a high-grade detection system that saves your sensitive household items from breaking. The Aeolus Raas robot can be used in restaurants, security places, campuses, and parking petrol. It is a very intelligent robot system.


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