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Fearful facts about the mystery of Bermuda Triangle part 2

To find those aircraft, a team was organized for their search. Another aircraft was sent to find these bomber aircraft. He also got disappear after reaching the area of the Bermuda Triangle.

No clue was found about these bomber aircraft and the 6th rescue aircraft.

After this incident, the Bermuda Triangle was seen as a symbol of fear. But the same happened with another aircraft almost 10 years ago. but they got successful in saving their life. 19 years old twins, George and David were officers in the American navy. They have to move to their hometown on a private jet. When they enter the range of Bermuda Triangle, It was moved about 20 minutes inside this area of Bermuda Triangle, suddenly all the instruments of aircraft left the working, The fuel meter and radio was also not working.

Also, the pilot does not know in which direction he was moving. They told that they have not seen a single ship there. They have not found any land near them where they can land their aircraft. The only thing they can see around them was water.

Due to this situation, the pilot got sweating. The pilot got faint. but it was their luck that the co-pilot was also in the aircraft. He took control of the aircraft. After some time, they found land, the co-pilot landed the aircraft there in an emergency.  After sometime when two brothers come to know about the mysterious behavior of the Bermuda Triangle. They then recalled their incident and said that they were faced the mysterious behavior of the Bermuda Triangle, but they got successful in saving their life.

In 2015, A cargo ship El Faro was moving Florida to an island, it have to pass from Bermuda Triangle. On 1st October 2015, it got disappear from the Radar. Us Navy and Us Coast guard started search operations jointly. They found EL Faro at the bottom of the sea. it was 15000 feet underwater. When the last contact was made with the ship captain, it was assumed that the ship was going underwater. This was the last contact made with EL Faro.

Another incident was their happened on 23 Feb 2017. A Turkish Airlines flight Tk-183 was moving on the Bermuda Triangle. The planned scheduled landing was in HAVANA, Cuba. When this plane reached the area of the Bermuda Triangle, the pilot told to radar team that the aircraft is totally in an abnormal condition.

The passenger was wise, he landed the aircraft at Dulles airport instead of Cuba. so the pilot saved luckily the 440 passenger life. Many such incidents occurred in the area of the Bermuda Triangle. some incidents were reported and some were not reported till now. The list of the known incidents is present on Wikipedia. Many incidents were those which were not reported till now.

In 1967, on Chris miss day, An American businessman was moving on his luxury yard.

He started his journey to visit the Miami beach. During his traveling, he calls on the telephone to his bodyguards that his yard has collapsed with a solid object. When bodyguards reached there they did not find any yard there. There was no yard and no signs of a businessman there. This was another incident that become history.

After every incident, the thinking got refreshed in the people’s minds after every new incident. Now the scientist planned to find strong clues about the Bermuda Triangle. A scientist team belonging to the university of colorado tried to investigate the Bermuda Triangle inside.

They found some new inside the Bermuda Triangle, No one saw this before.

They noticed that some clouds were moving on the surface of the Bermuda Triangle, these clouds are in the shape of hexagon. Their size was almost 88 km. The expert assumed that these are not normal clouds but are a special types of clouds. these were termed as air bombed clouds.

When these clouds are established, a strong wind flows under these clouds. Their speed maybe 250 km/h. This becomes a dangerous storm in which no plane can fly and never a ship can move forward. Scientists consider this as one of the reasons for the mysterious behavior of the Bermuda Triangle.


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