Billion dollars useless projects in the world part-1

we will discuss the projects on which there were billions of dollars invested, but later on, these projects got failed due to false planning of authorities. The first project on this list is Valencia Street Circuit. This is a formula one racing track. This was famous as Valencia Street Circuit in the world. There was an investment of almost one million euros on this mega project.

This track was made in the city Valencia of Spain.

This track was awesome because it was made around the seaport, also one of its sections almost 140 meters was made on the swing bridge. The track was approved for formula one racing. The plan was approved and the European Grand Prix was the first event to be held here. The duration of the deal was seven years from 2008-2014. Everyone was waiting for this event that when will formula one racing will take place on this road. but when the first time race was made on this track the drivers noted a mistake in this track.

They told that this track does not provide the overtake chance. There are 11 right turns and 14 right turns. The turn was made so curvy that drivers use the brakes to control their car on this track. The car can move this track with a maximum speed of 325 kph. The turns are so dangerous that many times, during overtaking of cars, many accidents occur on this track.

The contract was dismissed after 5 years due to the nonsuitability of the track. This project was totally failed. The track was useless till now and closed due to its wrong planning.

Spain is such a wonderful country that it is considered a hotspot for tourist destinations. Every year almost 8 crore tourists visited Spain. The tourist tried to land in Madrid which is the capital of Spain. The Madrid airport has the capacity to handle 7 crore passengers annually but people more than 8 crores visited Spain. To overcome this problem, it was decided to make another airport to handle this crowd. The new airport was built in an emergency.  Although it was called the central airport, it does not actually exist as a central place for tourists.

There was an approximate distance of 300 km between Madrid and Cuidad Real central Airport.

Tourists suffer a lot of problems due to the huge distance between the city and the airport. Finally, tourists rejected the Cuidad Real central Airport. The commercial airlines suspended their operation for Cuidad Real central Airport. The airport was given the shape of a deserted town. Every year, millions of dollars are wasted in the operation of airports. It was planned to sell the airport. The estimated cost of Cuidad Real central Airport was 9 billion dollars. No one was interested in but this flop airport. So, the Cuidad Real central Airport was auctioned in 2019 only in 12000 USD.



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