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Amazing facts on construction of Palm Jumeirah Island Dubai part 4

The engineering firm working rapidly on the construction of Palm Jumeirah Island. All the lines in palm shape island are in a curved shape except the middle one. There is only one line that was straight. The complicated shape was creating many problems for engineers. The Dredgers was spraying successfully the sand to fill the land.

After some time, the surface of the island was coming outside the sea. The engineering team was in search of the correct design of the palm shape. To know exactly the desired shape of the island, pictures were taken from 650 km through satellite. When these pictures were zoomed in, it is really amazing that the shape of the island is similar to the desired design.

The Dredgers had no pinpoint where to spray the sand?

It is just an estimation. To cover this problem, engineers made a solution to this challenge. They took the help of GPS. The man with the GPS tracker walks on the sides of a curved line. The GPS tracker device record the real-time data and send it to the Dredgers radar system. The  Dredgers uses this GPS system to monitor the exact boundaries of the curved surfaces. The Dredgers now spray the sand on the curved surface through the GPS data system. This helps out a lot to engineering form to make the palm shape island. This saves a lot of time and money.

Almost more than one year had gone in construction of Palm Jumeirah Island Dubai. The 8km area of the breakwater curved island was prepared. On the other side, team was working on palm island. till now, 9 out 11 curved lines of island was builted. A challenge was faced by engineering team at the same time. The Dredgers was basically used to make the curved lines.

There was no clear path for water cross so it the water inside the curved path stay at one place. This water will later on become dirty. This was another problem created during the island construction. So it was decided to make all the arrangements for fresh water. If this will not happen, the project can  be flopped badly. It was decided to make bridges between the curved breakwater island. From one bridge, fresh water will enter and on other side the dirty water will comes out from the curved area. This work really and dirty water came out from the curved areas.

The breakwater made by 99,00,000 stones working very efficiently to stop the water waves.

Another problem occurred when almost 90% island was completed. The sand was drowning inside the sea again. The sea was covering the surface of sand. if this will continue, The project will be flop and there will be largest revenue loss in the engineering history. To solve this issue , engineering team calculated the measurements. They gave a solution that if they press the sand up to 12 meter, it will stop drowning.

Normal bildozer can press the surface up to 6 meter. therefore it was required to press the sand up to 12 meter. So pressure drills were used to press the sand up to 12meter. They got successful in making the island. The  engineering team started to make commercial building, roads and shopping villas on it. After using 40,000 workers and latest technology, The engineering firm got successful in making the island only in 3 years instead of 7 years. The Island was a landmarked in the engineering history and it was opened for public in 2009.


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