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Amazing facts on construction of Palm Jumeirah Island Dubai part 3

The construction firm was working day and night on Palm Jumeirah Island Dubai. After passing 6 months on constructing the island, another challenge was faced by engineers. The engineering team has successfully constructed a 4 km long curved shape breakwater outer island. The 7km of breakwater island was still remaining. The crown prince of Dubai had given only 2.5 years to the firm. The engineers were worried that they will be built the remaining breakwater and curved island in 21 months. If they start constructing the inner island, the sea waves can damage the island. They planned to change their strategy to meet the deadline.

The new strategy was implemented on the construction of Palm Jumeirah Island Dubai.

The curved breakwater and inner Palm Jumeirah Island will be constructed both at the same time. The team has completed their planning and the winter arrived. every year cyclon occurred in the Arabian sea and high-speed wind flows. These are called Shamal Storms. Due to these storms, the Arabian sea becomes fearful. It becomes so terrible that becomes impossible to make the journey in it.

To construct the island, it was very necessary that it must be in rest position. The firm halted the work on the site for two months. During this time, when the work was halted, The team started to work on the design of Palm Jumeirah Island to make new solutions.

There was another challenge for the firm to collect the massive amount of sand for the island.

This sand required for the project was almost 940,00,000 cubic meters. if it was calculated in the weight, There was needed almost 15,00,00,000 tons of sand. It was a big challenge that how this will possible to carry this sand to the island. This was not an issue to bring this sand, the issue was from where to collect this sand?

The engineer required special sand which will help in making the island basis strong. They do not require the sand from the Dubai desert because it will solve in the water. The team found this sand under the sea. At 10 km away from the site, a point was noted where such a huge amount of sand was available which fill this island. To extract this sand from the sea, The engineering team used the Dredger. This sucked the sand from the sea and put it into its tank. Only in an hour, it had filled its tank with 8000 tons of sand. After this process, it went to the site and spray all the sand inside its tank.

The process of Rainbowing got successful in making Palm Jumeirah Island Dubai.

The Dredger required 4 hours to fill and spray this sand. At a time, the dredger transported 8000 tons of sand. If this Dredger work 12 hours a day, it was needed 2 years to fill the island. Due to a deficiency of time, The team decided to arrange more Dredgers to fill the sand within the time period.


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