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Amazing facts about Saudi king traveling part 2

This is not the first luxury journey of Saudi King Salman. Their 4 days tour to Japan was also a very top-rated journey of any president to Japan.

The protocol includes 10 aircraft, 100 limousines cars.

For their living in Japan, one of the most luxurious hotels in Tokyo was booked. It includes 1200 rooms dedicated for King Salman’s stay. Some five-star hotels were dedicated to their relatives of king Suleman.

Their visit to Russia was also very wonderful. Their met with Vladimir Putin. Vladimir Putin is now considered as world’s most saved person. When they reached Saudi Arabia, they took 1000 kg of food with them. The luggage includes Royal furniture and carpets also.

When the King Salman team arrived in Moscow, the most two luxury hotels of Moscow city were dedicated to only the King Salman team. The people who have already booked the got cancellation of their booking. their four-day visit cost more than 3 million us dollars. King Salman is famous for their journey with the world’s most expensive luxuries.

After investing too much money, still their escalator got stopped during their one visit in front of the media. Due to this, king Salman got disturbed. due to this, they walk down personally.

In 2014, when King Salman visited the United States of America under the regime of president Brack Obama. He stayed in America with a similar lifestyle.

Saudi King Salman booked Washington’s most expensive 4 seasons hotel.

It includes 214 rooms for their stay. The hotel was changed into a luxury castle in few moments.  Before the arrival of King Salman, the hotel was furnished with golden color. A special type of luggage was carried from Saudi Arabia to the united states of America.

It includes golden furniture, Carpets, bedsheets, golden chairs, and even golden hat racks. Even the parking of the hotel was equipped with a red carpet. It was so that King Sulaman did not want to move on the earth. It was the story of king Suleman. If we discuss the son of King Salman he was also living with world top-class luxuries.

When prince Muhammad bin Salman goes to Loss Angeles, he booked 4 seasons hotel with all 84 rooms.

The exterior and interior design was changed with the Arabic lifestyle. The hotel menu and even the light of hotels were changed for just some days and nights. The trip includes an investment of 2 million us dollars. Amazing thing is that King Salman did not stay in this hotel even for 1 hour. Instead of living in this hotel, King Salman booked a separate luxury hotel with 285 rooms just for him and his team’s stay.

The Crown prince similarly visited the Maldives. Three Islands were booked for them. To reach their, Muhammad bin Salman used a private yard. Around Private yard, thousands of bodyguards and army were present at that time.on these islands, only Salman bin Muhammad and his team were allowed there. in this tour, 30 million us dollars was invested.


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