Amazing fact on most costly mistake ever in the History

It is common that “To error is human”.but some mistakes are very costly. we will discuss the mistakes which lead to the loss of billions of dollars.

Blockbuster is a famous company that sold CDs and DVDs.

Blockbuster company was offered three times to buy Netflix. Blockbuster refuses to buy Netflix. Netflix company gives DVDs on rent at that time. The Netflix bid was 50 million USD at that time. It becomes a historical mistake of Blockbuster. The total price of Netflix is 20 billion USD while blockbuster got totally out from the market.

In 2007, when no one cares the bitcoin, a guy from the UK mines 4700 bitcoin. Bitcoin had less than a 1 cent value at that time. Therefore ha save that bitcoin on his computer. After one year ha planned to sell out his computer. he take his hard disk from the computer and saved it in his house. After 3 years, during the shifting of the house, he lost his hard disk. in 2019, when he comes to know that one bitcoin become equal 17,000 USD. Nowadays Bitcoin’s price is more than 20,000 USD.  If James did not make that mistake, he cal also be a rich person. he can become the owner of 202 million USD.

In the Hollywood movie hateful eight, there were many scenes that looked based on reality.

It was amazing that they were real. The things which are shooter during the movie were fake. this was because to make a minimum loss with the real scene. During this scene, the actor has to break a guitar. but he did not know that this guitar was 145 years old. That guitar was taken from the museum martin on rent for shooting only. This guitar was priceless.

We all have mistakes during typing, but this mistake can be corrected using backspace. The typing mistake happened by a company while it was dealing with a Japanese stock exchange. The company sellout 106,000 shares at the price of 1 yen. The client accepted the order at the spot. it was typing mistake. he wants to sale that one share for 106,000 yen. That company bore the loss of 250 million USD.

In 2013, a building was built in London.

It becomes famous with the name walkie-talkie. it was because its shape is just like a walkie-talkie. Almost 275 million USD was invested in the construction of this building.

This exterior design of the building was such that the exterior glass panel reflected sunlight 3 times on the earth. during the daytime, the plastic material around the building melted due to reflected sunlight. This becomes a huge problem. At last, the company bears the people’s loss. The company built the sunshade to resolve this issue.

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