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Amazing and Secret facts about Space Objects Part 1

We are living in a universe having almost 125 billion galaxies.

It is very amazing that in such a huge number of galaxies, we live in the Milkyway galaxy. Out search is just a sand particle in this Milkyway galaxy. So we can assume from this that this universe is much large than in our concept.

In 1977, NASA launched a spacecraft to make an entry into deep space. The name of this spacecraft wasĀ  VOYAGER 1. This spacecraft inter into Interstellar space in 2012. It is now present at a distance of 22 billion km from the earth. It is sending pictures from space to NASA on daily basis.

We see the moon on daily basis. our planet earth has only one moon. but there is a planet on earth that has more total number of 79 moons. It is Jupiter which is 907,000,000 km away from the earth. It has a total of 79 moons. Mercury and Venus are the planets that have zero moons. According to science, men come on earth 50 Lac years ago. but our solar system is old about 4,500,000,000 years.

Mount Everest is the highest mountain on our earth.

It has 10 times the height of Burj khalifa. but the amazing thing is that there is a mountain which has 3 times the height of Mount Everest. It is located on Mars. Its name is OLYMPUS MONS. Its height is 22000 meters. The speed of light is 180 crore km/h. Any object traveling with this speed and completing one year with this speed is called a light-year.

Our earth is part of the Milkyway galaxy. Our Galaxy is bigger than 105700 light-years. Anyone can assume that our universe is huge that it has more than 125 billion galaxies. It is really amazing.

according to an estimate, the weight of the sun is 330,000 times heavier than our earth. The number of people landing on the moon is 11 according to NASA. The sign of their walking on the moon is present today. They will remain there. because air is not present on the moon.

The weight of normal humans on mars is 60% less as compared to earth.

if you have the weight of 60kg on earth, your weight will be 48kg on mars. it is because mars have less gravity as compared to earth.

It is amazing for you that our earth has a complete day and night of 24 hours, but mars have a day of 24 hours, 39 minutes, and 39 seconds. Earth has a total of 365 days but mars have 687 days. it is because mars are at a more distance from the sun as compared to earth. therefore it needs more time to revolve around the sun.

The diameter of the moon is 3474 km. It means if the moon wants to occupy America, it can exist there. The creation of high tides and waves in the sea is not due to air but is due to the moon. because the gravity of the moon attracts the seawater.

Pluto is the planet of our solar system. it is too small that it can be adjusted in India. Anyone can count the number of hairs on the body, but it is impossible to count the stars in the sky. According to science, the number of stars in this universe is larger than the total number of sand particles on earth.


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